Saturday, 30 August 2014

Interesting Learning Apps for students- Lawrence School

With kids these days being completely hands on with gadgets and technology, it makes sense for the parents to introduce learning Apps that make learning fun and easy for kids. Here are some interesting Apps that could be introduced to your tech-savvy kids:

Moose Math:

Suitable for kids aged 4 years and up, this App assists in learning counting, addition and subtraction. With fun characters and stories that tie up the activities interesting, this makes for a great App. Parents can even add swipe control screen to protect the kids from straying away into other Apps.


A great App to introduce the concept of money to your older kids. Kids can learn about decision making and economics with this past paced App laced with their favourite animal character.

Word Ball:
A simple and fun word building game that challenges the players to build three or more lettered words. A great way to get spelling and reading practices for kids.
Suited for ages 9 and above.

Endless Alphabet:

Suited for three years and above, this App presents new words and ways to spell them. The cute monster will be loved by the kids and reading will be fun activity. Some words can however be difficult for preschoolers.

Read me Stories:

Whether you have a book-worm for a child or someone who runs at the mention of reading a book, this App is perfect to introduce fun into reading stories. Newer stories and newer words are added with a fun element, and these stories can be read along too.

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