Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Why family time is important?

Family is everything in an individual’s life, and one realizes it very well, some sooner and some later in life. As elders of a family, it is crucial that you make it a point to give your children the proper essence of family time as frequently as possible.

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Life’s getting super busy for everyone, be it for kids or adults. But in such tight schedules, it is also quintessential to get ample time with your loved ones around you. We can quickly break the need for it into three points—

1.       Your children gain a lot of self worth and self esteem
Accept it or not, but it’s a fact that children always feel left out when it comes to getting the audacity or say in stuff related to the house, fundamentally and legitimately, because they are too young to be a part of important decision making. This can also contribute in making them feel insecure. But when you as an elder make sure to spend quality time with your children, as a complete close knit family, they start believing in the importance and value you give them, and this makes them have a morale boost, both in terms of their importance as well as self esteem.

2.       It strengthens bonds and understandings

Family time is always a satiating feeling for the family members. Be it going for a movie or excursion together, or just having meal together—it strengthens your bonds and helps you understand each other better. You also tend to rely on each other more and you know that the others will always be there to support you. For children, indulging in fun stuff with parents embed a positive thought in their minds, wherein they know that good or bad, come what may, they can always count on their parents.

3.       Children get the chance to open up

This is especially for many of those parents who have a complaint of their children always keeping to themselves and not opening up about their lives and experiences. Family time helps in breaking those communication barriers and since, your children start to eventually rely on you with their stuff; they tend to open up more about their day to day activities.

Why do you think family time is important?

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