Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tackling the dilemma: which is the right school for your child?-Lawrence High School

Most parents are flummoxed when faced with the selection of schools for their child. While, it is good to have choices, sometimes, too much of a choice leads to more confusion! So, what should be your checklist while zeroing down on the best fit?

Narrow down: The fore-most step would be to short-list the number of schools you think might work well for you and your child to a workable number. A broad criterion to short-list might be proximity to home and the educational board.

Ask for reviews: it is a good idea to do your homework first about the background and reputation of the schools that you have short-listed. Online reviews, personal opinions of the parents whose children study in those schools, etc. help in forming your own opinion about a particular school. However, the key to bear in mind is that most schools get mixed reviews since every parent has a different set of expectations.

Have expectations outlined: It is better to have a rough idea of what you think a school should provide in terms of education. If you prefer the school to have a healthy mix of extra-curricular activities or be more academic oriented or have special and premium skill training facilities like horse-riding, golf, etc will influence the kind of schools you select.

Keep your child’s aptitude in mind: while you might want a certain kind of environment for your child, it is always best to understand your child’s learning preferences or aptitude and have that as the main deciding factor. For e.g. if your pre-schooler loves to learn at his/her pace, loves to experiment, then a Montessori pattern of schooling might be more suited to his/her style.

Trust your instincts: A lot of times, we go by what the popular trend or choice is, ignoring our inner voice. A personal visit to the school, interaction with the staff and teachers will help you develop certain vibes about the environment and it helps to make up your mind.
We hope you are benefited by these tips and the process of selecting the right school for your child is smoother and enjoyable.

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Why is it necessary to stress on emotional quotient or EQ?- Lawrence High School

The newspapers these days are wrought with news about youngsters committing suicide over things like having being reprimanded by the parent or teacher or being ragged or bullied at school/college. While educational institutions and the society stress on being well-equipped to lead a successful materialistic life, the more important aspect of developing a healthy attitude towards self is sadly ignored.

Taking one’s life or of others’ is an extreme step that is probably the result of many years of anguish and trouble brewing in one’s inner mind. While the outburst or trigger might seem sudden and uncalled for, it indicates a deeper issue that went unresolved in time.

Our social structure is unfortunately designed outwardly where a person’s self worth is determined by how he is perceived in other people’s eyes. To a large extent this view can be negated with the support and help of a close family structure and a broader educational system. An educational system where a student is not judged by his/her social or financial background or the marks procured in an exam; where a student’s weaknesses are not held against him, rather is dealt to turn these weaknesses into strengths.

 Families are shrinking these days and parents are struggling to keep up with the crazy schedules of balancing work, life and family. Yet, it is imperative to give quality time to the children and be tuned in to their thoughts, responses and aspirations. Children must be taught to put their thoughts into words and express what they feel. They need to be reassured that their thoughts will not be held against them and it is sometimes OK to feel negative.

 A school should not be merely a place to learn the ropes of livelihood. It needs to embrace the young minds and mould their thoughts and beliefs to develop self-confident and mature adults who are equipped to deal with the harsh realities of life and the real world outside.

Career and success are broad concepts and should not be restricted to include just a few professions and materialistic growth. The earlier this thought is seeded, the better the mind is conditioned to accept failures and disappointments in the right manner. 

Lawrence High School, located at HSR layout, Bangalore, focuses on educating children with traditional values to adapt and excel in the world. To know more about Lawrence school, please visit the website and join us at our Facebook page 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Why do we need Scouts and Guides?-Lawrence High School

The youth of today are no doubt very smart with high levels of intelligent quotient and an innate desire to aim and achieve high. However, it is up to the educational system to mould their psyche and their bodies in a way that they think beyond themselves and use their talent and education to contribute towards the society and country in a positive manner.

We do read a lot about young students going to extreme steps as to take their own lives or even lives of others over seemingly trivial issues. Why do some individuals go astray in their thoughts and action when the exposure to education, resources and help is apparently uniformly available? The core issue lies in the thinking and unaddressed fears and insecurities in such individuals that lead them to take steps that are detrimental to themselves as well as the society. 

Here’s where the Scouts and Guide movement comes in as a great aid. The programme and regime is designed in a way that helps the young members to be emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually strong. An inclusion this movement in the school curriculum will go a long way in raising a responsible and mature future generation.

The programme offers the Scouts and Guides opportunities to develop diverse skill-set; it teaches them to be an effective communicator, administrator, taps their creative-side, imparts self-defense training, vital skills of learning how to be a team leader as well as a team member and even to be a good cook. It not only helps them develop a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others, but also inspires them to offer their service towards the community.  

Lawrence School has a well-etched out Scout and Guide programme for its students. The students are well-trained in the activities and are truly an example of the motto which is to be always prepared.
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