Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to keep your kid productively occupied during vacations - Lawrence High School

Holidays mean a break from the routine for the child as well as for the caregiver.  However, once the options of summer camps or vacation trips are exhausted, the task of keeping the child engaged the whole day at home can prove to be equally stressful for many parents. Here are a few tips that can occupy the child productively at home:

Age 3-5
Kids in this age bracket love routine. So having a holiday routine is not a bad idea. Fixed slots could be allotted to activities like book-reading, drawing, colouring, cut-pasting stickers on chart papers, etc.  Small household chores can be assigned to them like watering plants-you can probably give them a small watering can of their own-or helping you in sorting out the veggies. By including them in your daily schedule, they feel important, remain occupied enough and also learn the sense of responsibility.

Age 6-10
Teach them a new indoor game like chess or carom and have them practice the game daily. Help them cultivate the practice of reading books that are not related to their area of school or study. Help them to construct their own thoughts or ideas around a particular book or story. Introduce the habit of newspaper reading. It could be just a small paragraph from the page of their interest.  It will not only increase their general knowledge but also help them form opinions at an early age.

Age 11-16
They are old enough to handle outdoor tasks like buying small items from your local grocery store, filling out bank forms or dropping off cheques. Setting of small-time goals like learning a new skill or reading a new author every year can be initiated.  Setting up a picnic for the youngster and his/her friends and allowing the teenager to handle simple logistics will serve as a learning curve in management and communication skills.

Squabbles between siblings can be reduced by proving them incentives for positive behavior and keeping them engaged separately.

So, take help of these tips and enjoy the holidays!

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Vacations then and now - Lawrence High School

Vacations have always shared a special place in the hearts of students; a welcome break from the grueling routine of school, homework, classes and such other activities. Over the years, the concept of a vacation and the manner in which it is perceived and spent has undergone a sea-change.

There was a time when vacations truly meant a sheer break from all school related activities. Lazy mornings, plenty of playing indoors with friends and cousins, binging on home-made sweets and snacks and being pampered by doting grandparents. Cable TV had not yet made its presence and life was free from other distractions like the phone and internet. Travelling also meant visits to the grandparent’s house in the native village or camping up at the cousins’ house. Travelling also meant long hours spent on a train journey.

Now, children themselves get bored after a few days of inactivity and demand to be entertained. Cousins live far away, some even countries apart, so it is not a wonder that many have no contact with their cousins. Summer camps have taken up dominance and preference to keep youngsters away from spending too much time in front of the television or Facebook. Travelling is definitely not synonymous with visiting relatives. It has to be a luxurious holiday to a resort or even a foreign locale, with train journeys mostly given a miss. With most households falling in the double-income category, most of these do not seem like a stretch of finances. 
While the trend may not hold true in absolute terms and applied across the many strata of the society, this can be safely taken as a general curve in the graph of time-life analysis.

Both trends have their pros and cons. While the previous generation missed out on the early exposure that travel and extra-curricular activities bring along, they gained on the valuable nourishment that happens when you bond with grandparents and cousins/siblings. The innocent fun and mischief is something that cannot be traded off with anything else.

Vacations for the current crop may mean summer camps, holiday to exotic locations and extra TV viewing. If the moderation is kept as a key factor, even this could serve as an advantage factor as the exposure levels have indeed gone up and keeping up with the trend seems to be the wise thing to do. As long as the children get the necessary fodder for mind and body nourishment, any activity is welcome.

So, whatever your idea of vacation is, go on and make the most of it!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How to keep healthy this summer - Lawrence High School

Come summer and the heat brings along with it a spate of infections. Children are the most affected of the lot in this season.  Here are a few tips that you can incorporate to ensure that you and your children are kept away from the infections.

Keep hydrated: Heat and perspiration depletes the water content in the body making one feel weak and lethargic. Children are more prone to get dehydrated as they remain engrossed in play and ignore drinking fluids. Ensuring adequate amount of water intake is an important step in keeping the viruses at bay. Include a lot of fluids like coconut water and fruits with water content in the diet.

Avoid junk food: The temptation to eat junk food and at road-side stalls can be high during summer season. However it is best to eat home-cooked food since the quality of water and general hygiene at these places is questionable. If you must eat out, ensure that the joint is of a reputable name and/or the hygiene is maintained.
Play outdoors: Due to the heat, it is natural to want to stay indoors all the time, but it is necessary to ensure that kids get their quota of outdoor activities. Outdoor games keep the metabolism working and help to remain healthy. Also, this keeps a check on the amount of television and passive play at home.

Dressing up correct and use of sunscreen: Summer is the time to bring out the light and loose fitting clothes. Cottons and other light material should take precedence over thicker material. Synthetics should be avoided at all costs as they can cause skin rashes on contact with perspiration. Also, make sure that you and the kids are protected by a coat of sunscreen before stepping outdoors to keep the skin safe from the harsh ultra-violet rays.

A healthy routine: Although it is OK to relax the normal work/school routine during holidays, it is important not to let the schedule go for a complete toss. Holidays should not be synonymous to getting up at any time of the day and eating at wrong times of the day.

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Why a summer camp might be good for your kid? - Lawrence High School

A few days into summer vacation and the long haul of holidays seem to be stretching already. The kids seem to get bored easily and the entertainment option seems to be drying up. If this seems like a leaf out of your household, take heart and be ready to explore something that you might have not considered earlier- a summer camp.

Let us look at how a summer camp can prove to be beneficial.

A summer camp focuses on activity based workshops that are age-specific. So, a child gets to experience various new activities that are tailor-made for him/her. Apart from keeping the child fruitfully occupied, he/she could learn important like-skills like swimming, horse-riding or communication, the benefits of which cannot be reiterated enough.

Holidays are meant to relax the routine and enjoy some leeway with discipline and rules. However, these can prove harmful in the age of technology where television, phone or the internet can take addictions to newer levels. Such camps can channel the children’s’ energy constructively without infringing too much on their special time too.

If the camp focuses on outdoor activity like an outdoor sport, camping, trekking or a few days of tough life in a village or into the mountains, it presents a golden chance for the participant to learn independence, courage and perseverance, along with the confidence to be able to take up any challenging task.
If you have just shifted into a new city or environment, it makes even more sense to enroll your children in a summer camp as these help a child to form new friendships easily. When the kids are placed in a similar structure or environment, the camaraderie is more easily established.

Exposure to various kinds of subjects and activities will help a child discover his/her true potential and also develop healthy hobbies. The mind and body will be infused with newer levels of ideas and enthusiasm.
So, do not hesitate and check out the details of a good summer camp in your area and get your child to benefit from the experience. What’s more, you also get the much needed space and time on your hands in the meantime!

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