Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to keep your kid productively occupied during vacations - Lawrence High School

Holidays mean a break from the routine for the child as well as for the caregiver.  However, once the options of summer camps or vacation trips are exhausted, the task of keeping the child engaged the whole day at home can prove to be equally stressful for many parents. Here are a few tips that can occupy the child productively at home:

Age 3-5
Kids in this age bracket love routine. So having a holiday routine is not a bad idea. Fixed slots could be allotted to activities like book-reading, drawing, colouring, cut-pasting stickers on chart papers, etc.  Small household chores can be assigned to them like watering plants-you can probably give them a small watering can of their own-or helping you in sorting out the veggies. By including them in your daily schedule, they feel important, remain occupied enough and also learn the sense of responsibility.

Age 6-10
Teach them a new indoor game like chess or carom and have them practice the game daily. Help them cultivate the practice of reading books that are not related to their area of school or study. Help them to construct their own thoughts or ideas around a particular book or story. Introduce the habit of newspaper reading. It could be just a small paragraph from the page of their interest.  It will not only increase their general knowledge but also help them form opinions at an early age.

Age 11-16
They are old enough to handle outdoor tasks like buying small items from your local grocery store, filling out bank forms or dropping off cheques. Setting of small-time goals like learning a new skill or reading a new author every year can be initiated.  Setting up a picnic for the youngster and his/her friends and allowing the teenager to handle simple logistics will serve as a learning curve in management and communication skills.

Squabbles between siblings can be reduced by proving them incentives for positive behavior and keeping them engaged separately.

So, take help of these tips and enjoy the holidays!

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