Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How to keep healthy this summer - Lawrence High School

Come summer and the heat brings along with it a spate of infections. Children are the most affected of the lot in this season.  Here are a few tips that you can incorporate to ensure that you and your children are kept away from the infections.

Keep hydrated: Heat and perspiration depletes the water content in the body making one feel weak and lethargic. Children are more prone to get dehydrated as they remain engrossed in play and ignore drinking fluids. Ensuring adequate amount of water intake is an important step in keeping the viruses at bay. Include a lot of fluids like coconut water and fruits with water content in the diet.

Avoid junk food: The temptation to eat junk food and at road-side stalls can be high during summer season. However it is best to eat home-cooked food since the quality of water and general hygiene at these places is questionable. If you must eat out, ensure that the joint is of a reputable name and/or the hygiene is maintained.
Play outdoors: Due to the heat, it is natural to want to stay indoors all the time, but it is necessary to ensure that kids get their quota of outdoor activities. Outdoor games keep the metabolism working and help to remain healthy. Also, this keeps a check on the amount of television and passive play at home.

Dressing up correct and use of sunscreen: Summer is the time to bring out the light and loose fitting clothes. Cottons and other light material should take precedence over thicker material. Synthetics should be avoided at all costs as they can cause skin rashes on contact with perspiration. Also, make sure that you and the kids are protected by a coat of sunscreen before stepping outdoors to keep the skin safe from the harsh ultra-violet rays.

A healthy routine: Although it is OK to relax the normal work/school routine during holidays, it is important not to let the schedule go for a complete toss. Holidays should not be synonymous to getting up at any time of the day and eating at wrong times of the day.

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