Thursday, 4 April 2013

Why a summer camp might be good for your kid? - Lawrence High School

A few days into summer vacation and the long haul of holidays seem to be stretching already. The kids seem to get bored easily and the entertainment option seems to be drying up. If this seems like a leaf out of your household, take heart and be ready to explore something that you might have not considered earlier- a summer camp.

Let us look at how a summer camp can prove to be beneficial.

A summer camp focuses on activity based workshops that are age-specific. So, a child gets to experience various new activities that are tailor-made for him/her. Apart from keeping the child fruitfully occupied, he/she could learn important like-skills like swimming, horse-riding or communication, the benefits of which cannot be reiterated enough.

Holidays are meant to relax the routine and enjoy some leeway with discipline and rules. However, these can prove harmful in the age of technology where television, phone or the internet can take addictions to newer levels. Such camps can channel the children’s’ energy constructively without infringing too much on their special time too.

If the camp focuses on outdoor activity like an outdoor sport, camping, trekking or a few days of tough life in a village or into the mountains, it presents a golden chance for the participant to learn independence, courage and perseverance, along with the confidence to be able to take up any challenging task.
If you have just shifted into a new city or environment, it makes even more sense to enroll your children in a summer camp as these help a child to form new friendships easily. When the kids are placed in a similar structure or environment, the camaraderie is more easily established.

Exposure to various kinds of subjects and activities will help a child discover his/her true potential and also develop healthy hobbies. The mind and body will be infused with newer levels of ideas and enthusiasm.
So, do not hesitate and check out the details of a good summer camp in your area and get your child to benefit from the experience. What’s more, you also get the much needed space and time on your hands in the meantime!

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