Monday, 26 October 2015

Interesting ways to motivate your kids to do household chores—

Parents carry a plethora of responsibilities on their head—from expenses to familial commitments, to kids’ educations, planning for the future, etc. The least their kids can do to make everyday lives a bit easier for them is helping them in household chores. All over the world, it is one of the prime concerns of every parent to get their kids to do some chores. Well, here are some interesting ways you can motivate your kid to help you with chores—

1.       The WiFi password is your trump card
With technology ruling every heart these days, your kids are quite digitally enhanced and are always on their laptops, mobiles and tablets. One way to motivate them to do chores is by telling them that they will be rewarded with the WiFi password only after they are finished with their chores.

2.       Give and take business always works
If your kids scatter their toys or gadgets on the floor, the best thing to do is pick them up and confiscate them. Tell your kids that they won’t get their stuff back till they finish a chore properly. This way next time, they won’t leave anything scattered fearing their stuff getting confiscated by you.

source: sheknows

3.       Rewards for finishing the chore line
Create a chore pin for your kids’ bulletin board, which will be a kind of “to do list.” As soon as the finish each of the chores, they have to strike it off and paste it back on the bulletin board chore line. Reward them with a prize to boost their enthusiasm on completing chores.

4.       Use technology to your advantage

Kids love games and computers; use the “chore wars” website, which is primary focused on a competition to earn more XP and points for every chore one finishes. Give your kids a boost by playing a “kids vs. adults” concept on this website, and customize it according to your choice.