Thursday, 24 January 2013

A look at our recent activities - Lawrence School

The Christmas Bells Program

We celebrated Christmas with a special “Christmas Bells” program. Teachers and students came together in this infotainment program that explained the significance behind popular Christmas symbols like silver bells, stockings, the Christmas tree, Frosty the Snowman, and the Nativity Scene.

Our Santa-capped choir of little angels sang wonderful Christmas carols while one of our students even donned the famous red suit to spread Christmas cheer with a loud Ho Ho Ho.

Great job, everyone!

The Mock Job Interviews

Mock job interviews were organized for grades 9 and 10. At Legacy, we believe in instilling real skills for real life in our students. The mock interviews saw each student prepare himself/herself for a job based on their strengths. Each student had to identify his/her career goals, make their resumes, and prepare for the interview and the dynamics of facing an interview panel.

We place special emphasis on soft skills and communication that enable our children with the confidence to speak openly, confidently and politely with adults. Visitors to our school have often complimented us with the easy confidence with which our students communicate.

The Grade 7 Food Fest

Students of grade 7 put up food stalls that offered lip-smacking snacks and food. These stalls were a treat to the eyes and to the taste buds. Thronged by students and staff alike, the stalls saw awesome volumes of food being passed across the counter.  The finger licking hits were the pani puri, bhel puri, chips, samosas, fruit juices, and milk shakes to name just a few.

Beside the challenge of sourcing/making this food, the Food Fest gave the students an opportunity to learn real life skills in the areas of organization, coordination, taking responsibility, accounting and marketing.
Well done, Grade 7. We all put on a few extra grams of weight!
Grade 8 Presents a Skit on Substance Abuse

As part of their learning from SALT modules, students of grade 8 presented a skit based on Substance Abuse.  The skit saw a gratifyingly huge turnout of 300+ people that included all the teachers and students from grade 4 upward. The skit ended with loud applause and hoots of appreciation.

Grade 8 Presents “Fun Time”

With all the homework done, it was time to relax and play.  The Fun Time event included games for teachers and students alike. Two such games that really saw everybody have a brilliant time were the Lemon & Spoon Race for the teachers and the Paper Dance for teachers and students. Congratulations to our grade 8 stars who conceptualized and managed the whole event.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Annual Sports Day celebrated at Lawrence High School (ICSE)

Lawrence High school celebrated their Annual sports day on Sunday, 2nd December 2012, at the Police grounds, Adugodi-Bangalore.

The huge and sprawling ground was decorated with festoons, flags and buntings. The well-laid out tracks were clearly an indication of what was to be a well-contested sports event.

All the school participants looked special in their sports uniforms. Parents too attended in large numbers and the stands were full and overflowing!

The Chief Guest, Mr.Bangara, M.D. of Auto Striping India, Pvt Ltd, arrived promptly at 9.00am. He was personally welcomed by Mr.P.M.Subbaiah,Chairman ,Board of Trustees,Lawrence High School (ICSE). Mr. Bangara was escorted to the podium directly where he received the general salute, followed by the salute at the march past led by the school captain.
The four Houses- Nalanda, Mithila, Taxila and Magadha- marched past smartly, doing their respective Houses proud.

In his address to the students, teachers and parents, Mr.Bangara stressed on the importance of excellence, total commitment and hard work being the foundation to success in life and that sport too emphasizes these values as is exemplified by all great sports personalities and their achievements.

The speech was followed by varied displays that showcased the talent of both- the students who performed and the teachers who groomed them. There was an extraordinary display of order, coordination and a sense of rhythm.

The rest of the day was devoted to conducting various track events like the 100m, 200m, 400m and the most exciting- Interhouse Relays.
The Tug-of-War was great fun to watch. Some of the teams were so evenly poised that it was difficult to guess who the winner would be!

 Races were held for the parents and teachers alike and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants as well as the spectators.

The winners of the events were suitably rewarded at the Prize distribution ceremony with bright, glistening trophies and certificates.

The Sports celebrations ended with a fitting vote of thanks given by the school vice-captain for sports. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

How to make and stick to resolutions - Lawrence High School

The New Year begins with fresh resolutions and a desire to start everything clean and afresh, erasing past mistakes and paving a clear road for the time to come.

“Oh! Please let this year be, I’ll surely study every day from the next academic year!” Isn't this a familiar phrase that we get to hear from our kids during the schooling years? Making resolutions and sticking to them is a tricky job and we as adults and parents need to help our children set realistic goals and stick to them.

Here are a few tips that can help you and your child decide what works best and what approach works best when it comes to following the set goals:

Set realistic goals: Any expectation needs to be realistic and in tune with the innate aptitude and capacity of a person. A child that gets an average of 60% in all subjects cannot be expected to score 90% all at once the next time onwards. A more realistic goal like understanding the concepts better or taking more efforts to keep the answer sheets neat and clean could be some realistic targets that can be set.

Break down the goals into smaller, manageable ones:  “I will study better next year” is a vague and open statement that can lose steam once the year begins and activities pour in. Instead, setting aside a specific time frame for a particular activity each day will make the goal more achievable and will also give a better perspective of where one stands viz-a-viz the larger picture at any given point of time.

Expect setbacks: Old and annoying habits take a long while to change. A lapse in the new routine is natural and bound to happen, and especially if it is quite drastically positioned to the existing one. The trick is to not get de-motivated by these small failures. Always keep the larger goal in mind, brush off minor setbacks and prepare yourself to surge ahead with renewed vigour.

Keep aside time for self-improvement and hobbies: goals need not always be related to studies or academics. It is vital to grow individually and become a better person with each growing year. Taking time out to experience newer places, reading more books, reaching out to others and pursuing hobbies are some of the things that play a more vital role in shaping one’s personality. Make an attempt to include these in your list of”to-achieve”.

And last and not the least,

Be sincere in your approach: do not start the year with the notion that resolutions are meant to be broken! Own the resolutions that you set and make every sincere effort to see that they are fulfilled.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

How to teach your kids about safety - Lawrence High School

Teaching kids how to be safe is one of the most important things that need to be done.  In today’s day and age, where children are exposed to so many different people in supermarkets, parks, play areas and the neighbourhood, it is important to teach them a few things about their safety. Here are some tips:

1.    Teach your children their full names, address, and home telephone number.
2.    Teach your children the parents full names and cell phone numbers.
3.    Give them instructions to keep the door locked and not to open the door to talk to anyone when they are home alone.
4.    Set rules with your children about having visitors over when you’re not home and how to answer the telephone. 
5.Travel the route to and from school with your children and familiarize them with landmarks. 
6.Tech them about using public transport and safety of using the same. 
7. Ensure your child goes with friends whenever they go out to play. Remind them to stay with a group if they’re waiting at the bus stop. 
8. Educate children never to accept a ride from anyone unless you have told them it is OK to do so in each instance. 
9. Teach your children to say NO to anything that makes them feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused and teach your children to tell you if anything or anyone makes them feel this way.
10. Teach your children to never approach a vehicle unless they know the owner and are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other trusted adult.
11. Teach your children how to find their way at theme parks, sports stadiums, shopping malls, and other public places.
12. Teach your children to identify people who they can ask for help, such as uniformed policeman, security guards and store clerks with nametags.
13. Teach your children that if anyone tries to touch or grab them, they should make a scene and make every effort to get away by kicking, screaming, and resisting.

Children are innocent and naïve which make them easy targets to attackers, therefore it is essential to ensure you take care of them in every possible way that you can. Teaching your children the right things about safety can go a long way in making sure they are safe and protected from the bad world outside.