Thursday, 3 January 2013

How to teach your kids about safety - Lawrence High School

Teaching kids how to be safe is one of the most important things that need to be done.  In today’s day and age, where children are exposed to so many different people in supermarkets, parks, play areas and the neighbourhood, it is important to teach them a few things about their safety. Here are some tips:

1.    Teach your children their full names, address, and home telephone number.
2.    Teach your children the parents full names and cell phone numbers.
3.    Give them instructions to keep the door locked and not to open the door to talk to anyone when they are home alone.
4.    Set rules with your children about having visitors over when you’re not home and how to answer the telephone. 
5.Travel the route to and from school with your children and familiarize them with landmarks. 
6.Tech them about using public transport and safety of using the same. 
7. Ensure your child goes with friends whenever they go out to play. Remind them to stay with a group if they’re waiting at the bus stop. 
8. Educate children never to accept a ride from anyone unless you have told them it is OK to do so in each instance. 
9. Teach your children to say NO to anything that makes them feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused and teach your children to tell you if anything or anyone makes them feel this way.
10. Teach your children to never approach a vehicle unless they know the owner and are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other trusted adult.
11. Teach your children how to find their way at theme parks, sports stadiums, shopping malls, and other public places.
12. Teach your children to identify people who they can ask for help, such as uniformed policeman, security guards and store clerks with nametags.
13. Teach your children that if anyone tries to touch or grab them, they should make a scene and make every effort to get away by kicking, screaming, and resisting.

Children are innocent and naïve which make them easy targets to attackers, therefore it is essential to ensure you take care of them in every possible way that you can. Teaching your children the right things about safety can go a long way in making sure they are safe and protected from the bad world outside.

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