Friday, 28 December 2012

Tips to study Chemistry - Lawrence High School

Chemistry is a very interesting subject, but often kids find the study of compounds, formulae and organic chemistry daunting. However there is no magic formula to master chemistry, but by not getting behind, doing your own work, and not stressing out it can become quite easy to understand concepts and remember concepts. Here are some practices that kids should incorporate to make the study of chemistry less taxing.

Don’t procrastinate

This suggestion applies to any subject for that matter. The more studying kids leave for the last minute the more difficult it will be understand and cover portions.  The practice of putting-ff-until tomorrow become a habit since as kids progress to higher classes there will be more to study. When studying Chemistry kids need ample to time to understand and practice concepts like Balancing equations, topics in Organic Chemistry and so on, and this is not possible if they decide to open their book the night before an exam.

Try flashcards

When it comes to learning formulae and such things it would be a good idea to use flashcards. Even if kids cannot buy flashcards they can make their own.  Some of the information gets learned while making the cards themselves and the rest while actually studying with the cards. The advantage of using flash cards is that kids can switch the order and study, something that text books don’t allow.

Highlight while studying

Another good habit is to highlight important points. But when using a highlighter kids must learn to use it judiciously. Most of the important concepts are already in bold. Most teachers also mention key topics to focus on tell students about questions that are likely to be asked, kids should learn to highlight these kinds of things.

Make mnemonic devices

At some point in school kids will be asked to memorize a portion of the periodic table. This can be quite difficult if the student is blindly trying to remember the names of elements. The best way to make this easier is to take the first letters of words in sequence and make a phrase out of it and this will make it easier to remember. These phrases don’t necessarily have to make sense, as long as they are easy to remember and recall.

By following these tips studying chemistry will become a whole lot easier. Lawrence school ensures that teachers spend sufficient time explaining concepts to students and also teachers try to make the subject as engaging and interesting as possible so that student most of the learning is done in class and students only have to revise after that.

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