Thursday, 24 January 2013

A look at our recent activities - Lawrence School

The Christmas Bells Program

We celebrated Christmas with a special “Christmas Bells” program. Teachers and students came together in this infotainment program that explained the significance behind popular Christmas symbols like silver bells, stockings, the Christmas tree, Frosty the Snowman, and the Nativity Scene.

Our Santa-capped choir of little angels sang wonderful Christmas carols while one of our students even donned the famous red suit to spread Christmas cheer with a loud Ho Ho Ho.

Great job, everyone!

The Mock Job Interviews

Mock job interviews were organized for grades 9 and 10. At Legacy, we believe in instilling real skills for real life in our students. The mock interviews saw each student prepare himself/herself for a job based on their strengths. Each student had to identify his/her career goals, make their resumes, and prepare for the interview and the dynamics of facing an interview panel.

We place special emphasis on soft skills and communication that enable our children with the confidence to speak openly, confidently and politely with adults. Visitors to our school have often complimented us with the easy confidence with which our students communicate.

The Grade 7 Food Fest

Students of grade 7 put up food stalls that offered lip-smacking snacks and food. These stalls were a treat to the eyes and to the taste buds. Thronged by students and staff alike, the stalls saw awesome volumes of food being passed across the counter.  The finger licking hits were the pani puri, bhel puri, chips, samosas, fruit juices, and milk shakes to name just a few.

Beside the challenge of sourcing/making this food, the Food Fest gave the students an opportunity to learn real life skills in the areas of organization, coordination, taking responsibility, accounting and marketing.
Well done, Grade 7. We all put on a few extra grams of weight!
Grade 8 Presents a Skit on Substance Abuse

As part of their learning from SALT modules, students of grade 8 presented a skit based on Substance Abuse.  The skit saw a gratifyingly huge turnout of 300+ people that included all the teachers and students from grade 4 upward. The skit ended with loud applause and hoots of appreciation.

Grade 8 Presents “Fun Time”

With all the homework done, it was time to relax and play.  The Fun Time event included games for teachers and students alike. Two such games that really saw everybody have a brilliant time were the Lemon & Spoon Race for the teachers and the Paper Dance for teachers and students. Congratulations to our grade 8 stars who conceptualized and managed the whole event.

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