Friday, 1 February 2013

Lawrence School Activity Round-up (January 2013)

Spell-Bee for our Tiny Tots         

We held a Spell-Bee competition for our Kindergarteners on 3rd January at our school. 30 kids from the KG classes and 8 students from the Pre-KG classes took part in an event that included coloring, filling in the missing letters, arranging words and pictures in alphabetical order, joining the dots and identifying pictures. The kids enjoyed the different challenges and every participant walked away with a Gold medal. The winners of this Spell-Bee competition now move on to the next level where they will pit their wits against kids from other schools. We wish them every success!
 The event was conducted by Marrs International.
 The English Language Classroom Workshop 

An interactive and informative workshop was held to help our English teachers understand and handle the challenges of teaching the English language. The workshop focus points were:

·         How to be an effective teacher of the English language, and
·         The challenges in a contemporary classroom

Many creative ideas and solutions were generated to tackle language challenges. The ideation included deciding on the course material for different classes, the SMS language, teaching vocabulary and writing effectively.

The post-lunch session focused on group discussions on two streams: 

#1: Who is responsible for the problems associated with teaching of English and why? 
#2: Why do so many of our schools fail to meet the objectives of teaching-learning English?

A lot of what was presented and discussed could actually be translated into tactical classroom techniques. The areas covered included:

  • Using different approaches to learning English
  • Listening and speaking skills for effective communication
  • Integrating different approaches in teaching grammar and vocabulary
  • Critical thinking and assessment
  • Writing as a process
The workshop was a great learning experience and our English teachers had many key takeaways that they plan to apply in their classrooms.

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