Thursday, 2 May 2013

Preparing your toddler for the big school - Lawrence High School

Come June and a new crop of toddlers will join the mainstream school in the classes between nursery and Kindergarten. While most of them would have already been acclimatized to a school environment and have a schedule woven by way of attending playschools, a big school environment can still overwhelm or intimidate the young kid.
Here are a few ways in which you can prepare your child for the big change and help him/her adjust easily:

Constant reference to the school: Kids love familiarity, so keep bringing up the conversation about school every now and then with your child. Refer to the big school with the name and make friendly allusions to it. Keep reminding the child about what kind of schedule and environment he/she will be following.

Make references about the people at school: It is important for the child to know that in the absence of parents who will be there to take care of him/her. Let him/her know that there would be teachers and helpers to help him at school. Make sure your child knows who he has to approach in case of a problem or difficulty.

Prepare the child: Since a big school is a bigger environment than a playschool, different logistics come to play. For instance, while the child might be used to being picked and dropped off by family, now he/she might have to use the school transport. It is necessary to talk to the child about these things and prepare him/her mentally for the same.

Gradual shift in routine: Your child might be used to waking up and eating at a particular time until now but with the school timings, the schedule of the child will also change. Instead of waiting for the last moment, try to incorporate the school schedule a week or two prior to the school reopening so that the change is gradual and smooth for the child.

Last and not the least,

Sharpen the defensive skills: Until now, your child might have spent time with people you personally know or are comfortable with. Starting a big school is a huge milestone since the scope of contact with outsiders widens, it is important to equip your child with adequate knowledge about dealing with strangers.

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