Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The key to success in examinations - Lawrence High School

As you all know, we have scored a 100% results in the ICSE examinations this year. The credit of the success surely goes to the hardwork of the students and teachers. However, just as we see many students reaping the fruits of their hardwork, we also have a percentage of students who failed to make their mark in the examinations.

Both parties did work to their best but one set succeeded and the other didn't. Again, I want to add that success in any examination is no way to judge a caliber of a student. However, only for the sake of this article, let us analyze what makes some students stand out against the others when everyone has, to their capacity, put in efforts.

Consistency:  one needs to put in consistent efforts throughout the year and not just cram the concepts a few weeks before any exams.  A regular schedule for everyday studies needs to be set aside to enable one to grasp and understand the vast syllabus.

Clarify concepts: mugging your way through the answers will only result in anxiety and nervousness during the exams. If the concepts are clear, then any question can be answered with precision and clarity. Hence it is imperative to learn the subject from a fundamental aspect rather than skimming through it superficially.

All work and no play makes you dull: studies should be a part of the whole. A well-rounded personality engages in fair amount of play and creative pursuits other than studies. Hobbies, sports and extra reading will help in diversifying your knowledge and prepare a healthy foundation for future. Even during exams, there has to be some time set aside for recreational activities.

Co-operate with educators: Teachers are effective facilitators in your route to success. Take their help to understand your strengths and work with them to improve on your weaknesses. Any extra work should not be seen as a punishment or their way of getting back at you.

Long-term goal: preparation for the exams is not a one-time affair. The concepts of this year should not be forgotten when you graduate to the next level. The preparation must be such that you work towards gaining knowledge rather than just the motive of passing an examination.

Lawrence school is extremely proud of all its students and wants to make a special mention of the toppers: Aishwarya Dharni (94%), Sahana Shree (93%),Naina Bangaru  (93%) and Kiran Rathod (90%).
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