Saturday, 6 September 2014

Top ten ways to monitor your kids' online presence-Lawrence School

Children are becoming increasingly exposed to the dangers of social media and internet use like cyber bullying, porn, image issues, cyber stalking, etc. As guardians, their safety concerns us and while we cannot avoid their exposure completely, here are top ten ways that will ensure a limited, controlled and relatively safer environment:

  1. Insist on using the computer and internet in the common area of the house. The kids cannot be allowed to browse in private.
  2. Make sure you are aware of all the sites they might be visiting. Apply privacy settings and set to the highest level on networking sites.
  3. Discourage the use of social networking sites completely. Facebook prevents users below 13 to have a profile and yet this rule is flouted by many. Ensure you do not allow this.
  4. Discourage sharing of personal photos on blogs or any other interface the children might be using to interact with fellow students or teachers.
  5. Encourage a open line of communication at all times with your children. Make sure you'd be the first person to be in the know if the child gets into any trouble.
  6. Make the kids aware of the dangers that arise due to indiscreet sharing of information like the birth date, telephone numbers or befriending strangers on the net.
  7. Talk to the kids about the illusions of internet advertisements and strictly advise them from clicking on stray ads. Apply browser security checks and install anti-virus software on the computer.
  8. Ensure that the passwords are shared only with you and no one else. Discourage your kids from discussing personal information with friends or anyone else.
  9. Teach your children the right way to use the internet, the language to be used and how to use instinct to judge whether the information received over the net is worth pursuing further.
  10. Be aware of the steps to be taken in case of untoward instances like cyber bullying, stalking or threats.
Hope you find these tips useful.

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