Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Early signs of reading difficulty

Travel through books
Amy loves to read and always lists this as one of her favourite ‘to do’ things. The author she loves is Sidney Sheldon, the way he writes, sketches characters, the many twists and turns of the plot... What fascinates her is the way she can travel through time and space just by sitting in the comfort of her home. Amy also enjoys thrillers and mysteries and loves to read conspiracy theories - about famous singers who are thought to be dead but are actually alive, like Tupac Shakur, Elvis and Johnny Cash.

Her love for reading didn’t come to her very early. There was a time when she was younger and couldn’t read. Amy was a slow learner and took longer than peers. She was around eight or nine when she grasped the concept of stringing words together to form a sentence.

Early signs of difficulty
There are many such cases where children learn things late and are slow bloomers. This isn’t something to worry about because they will learn as they grow. Children show many signs early on and if detected measures could be taken to tackle the issue. One thing to look out for is the way they handle spellings and the interchange of letters and numbers - a sign of dyslexia. This isn’t a major issue either because many of the brightest minds and celebrities are dyslexic. Albert Einstein was one and so is Tom Cruise. There are sure signs and to know more about it and how you can identify it early. For more information, click here http://bit.ly/YGvGOi

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