Friday, 8 August 2014

Encouraging right atmosphere at school - Lawrence School

A good teacher ensures not only imparting the lessons listed out in the syllabus but also makes sure that all the students are growing on the learning curve. While it is not possible to have all the students at the same level on the graph, it is important to create an atmosphere wherein every student embarks on the upward chart and progresses as per his/her abilities.

A typical class consists of all kinds of students. Some are inquisitive and gregarious by nature that makes them easily visible to the teachers, while some are rather quiet who'd want to introspect and think before posing a question. Some are easily distracted while some are able to concentrate on their activity for longer periods of time.

It is therefore a enormous and difficult task for a teacher to take the entire class along. Yet, when the atmosphere is non-threatening and open ended, it allows every child to grow at his/her own pace.We have listed top 5 tips below that we follow and believe would enable a more positive nurturing of the child's character:

  1. Emphasize on questions being raised rather than judging the nature of question asked. 
  2. Discussions on various topics can be introduced to enable the children to think out of the box. 
  3. Enabling children understand that sometimes approaching a problem in the right fashion is more important than the actual solution. 
  4. Sometimes there are no right or wrong answers. 
  5. Adopting positive rather than punitive measures to help child differentiate between right and wrong actions.
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