Saturday, 26 July 2014

Developing a child at the right age in the right way- Lawrence School

A much debated question is the right age when a child can begin formal school. Experts opine that too soon or too late can hamper the child's progress and suggest 6 years and above as the optimum age to start schooling.

A child is not emotionally ready before 3 years of age and even between ages of 3 and 6, a rigourous schedule should not be expected of them. Rather than formal schooling, emphasis can be laid on developing their fine and gross motor skills through play. Unstructured play at this age is a great teacher and one should not undermine their importance.

Role-playing and letting the child observe and learn from the surroundings in an art that comes easily to a child that young. They must be encouraged to play more in the open, in nature.

Many schools or pre-schools begin the exercise of writing as early as 3 years of age which is harmful for the child in the long run since his fine motor skills are yet underdeveloped and the muscles needs time to strengthen. Instead, more emphasis should be on encouraging and developing reading skills. Picture books could be read out as a group activity to the tots. They could be given any object and encouraged to talk about it.

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