Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How to improve your handwriting?- Lawrence School

Bad handwriting is the nemesis for most school and even college level students who still depend on their written (rather than typed out) answers during exams. Scrawny, illegible hand not only gives the examiner nightmares, it also wipes off the confidence to write.

A good handwriting should not be a goal that is pursued just to score that extra marks. It is an asset that can be cultivated, honed and used to your advantage long after you've passed out of school and college. Here are a few tips that can enable you to improve your writing:

Move the right muscles: Generally it is observed that people who write illegibly are ones that write with their fingers rather than the forearms. When the forearms move along with the letters written, the shape and size turn out much neater and clearer as opposed to putting the pressure on the fingers to 'draw' out the letters.

Sitting Vs notebook position: The sitting posture has to be correct; no slouching or leaning too forward or backwards with respect to the notebook. Also, the book or writing pad has to be in an correct angle to the body. A 90 deg angle to the body will only hurt the hands and back.

Pressure on the pen/pencil: The pressure applied to the pen or pencil has to be just right. Holding the pen/pencil lightly and letting the letters flow easily is the correct method as opposed to a tight grip and pressing it deeply onto the paper, enough to make a mark on the opposite side of the paper.

Practise makes perfect: It's not without a reason that elders insisted on us writing pages after pages just to improve our writing. However writing without applying the mind or heart will not help. Hence, even if it is just a paragraph, do make it a practise to sit down with a pen and paper. Not only will this help the writing to clear out, your thought process will also see clarity in the long run.

Hope these tips help you!

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