Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Power of disconnecting and doing nothing- Lawrence School

When was the last time you spent a day without the T.V or the phone or the computer? A day? It's impossible to be away even for an hour, you say. Even the tiny tots now play video games on the phone to 'pass time'. We are so addicted to screen time that we find it difficult to think of alternate ways of entertainment, should we be freed (god forbid!) of our gadgets.

How many kids today play with blocks or stare into the pictures in their book? They are constantly fed with outside stimulation and rarely know how to spend time alone, much less in a productive way. There is so much of activity stuffed into their schedule that they display withdrawal symptoms when none of the fast-faced accessory in life is made available to them.

Take the kids out to a park, let them play in the sand, make castles, break bridges; let them be. Allow them to feel the warm sun on their skin without rushing them, teach them the pleasures of walking, strolling small distances and observing life as they see. Encourage them to describe their surroundings. Help them spot the various insects, birds that you may encounter on a vacation to a hill-station.

Which brings us to the point of taking a vacation or break periodically in a year. It need not be a long and/or expensive one. Just a couple of days spent in the nature will help you and the kids rejuvenate. And, most importantly, do not encourage the use of any gadget during the vacation!

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