Friday, 2 August 2013

Top reasons why social media is good for the student - Lawrence High School

We are aware of enough reasons why young children, especially, students should keep away from the internet and social media. However, since they already spend a considerable amount of time on these anyway, maybe it’s a good idea to turn that into a positive idea. Here are topmost reasons how the use of social media can actually benefit:

It’s all about connections: We all know that having a Facebook or twitter account is the easiest way to get connected to people within and outside your group and social circle. There is a high possibility of interaction and resultant exchange of relevant news and information from circles with the same area of academic or career interests.

Networking helps: building connections leads to building networks and this is an age where networking is sometimes more important than the skills themselves. The kind of opportunities that fall your way can depend a lot on how you sell and promote yourself.

Instant exchange of data: if the school encourages it, the teachers could set up a virtual platform where notes, lectures, and relevant research articles on a particular subject can be posted and shared across the student community. This will enable better and active interaction from the students who have the unique advantage of not having to miss any of the important data.

Support groups: students with unique interests or with a particular learning problem find it difficult to find support in the real world. However it is easy to find online support groups to connect with people with similar interests or problems. 

Social-skills: while it may sound ironical, effective communication via Linkedin or Facebook is actually a key asset to place oneself in the right place at the right time. Key contacts can be found and developed, so this is a skill that should not be taken lightly.
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