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Tips to enable thorough learning of concepts - Lawrence High School

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When you pick up a chapter to read/study, it is important to keep in mind that your approach should be to master the concept rather than what is just given in the particular chapter.

The very basis of a sound knowledge of fundamentals is the habit of asking ‘whys and hows’. Never be satisfied by what is given in the books. Always, ask challenge your understanding by working backwards from a problem to see where it leads you. Every step should be conclusive and natural.

This means, you might have to, often times, resort to looking up at other reference material, apart from the school books. While, this may seem unnecessary at a lower grade, especially when you think of just the ’20 mark’ exam, this is a crucial habit that needs to be cultivated to have your foundation laid in concrete.
Why the need to supplement textbooks?
Spoon-feeding by teachers and mugging a concept without full understanding of the subject will only probably fetch you the desired marks. However, the real test of the knowledge is when you are required to apply what is learnt and that is when you’ll feel inadequate if you have not invested time and effort to grasp the fundamentals.

How can you supplement textbook studying?
It is an exciting time to be in school, since these days most schools have devised the concept of project work and assignments to encourage students to go beyond their school books and apply their knowledge. The internet age and the easy availability of books in school libraries make it interesting and simple for the students to augment what is taught in schools.

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