Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tips to enable effective knowledge absorption - Lawrence High School

Studying a course material should not happen just before a test or exam. The intention to study must be for gaining knowledge and not merely to pass or obtain a certain percentage. Keeping this in mind, Lawrence brings to you in a series of blog posts, tips to enable effective learning.

Before you get on to the task of studying, it is important to understand your learning style-what works for your friend need not work you and vice-versa.

An everyday routine: Any concept needs time to be assimilated into your system and this cannot be done with a hurried approach a few days before an exam. Therefore, design a day-to-day learning schedule that involves a slow and thorough approach to understand the given topic.
Break down the lessons: Taking on a lot of information at one go can be overwhelming and could add pressure. Break down the chapter into smaller parts as per your capacity and time schedule. This way, the concentration and output will be optimum.
Incorporate your learning style: If you are a visual learner, take down notes as you grasp the concept in a format that will help you recollect the gist at a glance. Remember, that this should not be a method to just learn by rote what you have studied, but only as an aid to help you retain what is learnt. If you are a kinesthetic learner, think of small-sized hands-on projects or get your teachers to help you with small assignments based on the topic. If you are an auditory learner, try reading out aloud or listen to recorded bits of your lessons.
*The School could provide assistance by offering all kinds of material to benefit all kinds of students in the form of written notes, recorded tapes of lectures and ready assignments that can be taken up by the students as per their learning preference.

Let the information rest and then re-start: Try avoiding taking on a fresh concept immediately after the one before. Take some time to ponder over what has been learnt by attacking the concept/lesson/problem in different ways. Mulling over a newly-learned concept/lesson/problem also gives you time to let your mind smoothen the rough edges.
These were some tips to get started. We will add more in the next few posts will elaborate on them.

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