Thursday, 25 July 2013

Prize Day Celebrations - Lawrence High School

Lawrence school celebrated the Prize day on 5th July 2013.

Decorated war hero – Major General M C Nanjappa addressed the audience of academic prize winners, School Management, Staff and Parents on the occasion of the School’s Prize Day Celebration.

In his address he urged the prize winners to “Be Strong” – that is to be the very best in their field of endeavours and to believe in God and live a good life.

The school hall was packed to capacity with parents, teachers and guests. There was an air of celebration and affirmation that could be seen writ large on the faces of proud prize winners and their parents.

The teachers, with intent of purpose, announced the names of each prize winners while a large picture of the child was projected on to a big screen for everyone to see! Indeed it was a very proud moment for all.

A special mention is due to our prize winners of the kindergarten.  In a recent spell bee competition conducted all over Bangalore, Five of our children won ranks including the first rank, seventh rank and tenth rank.  Even as we celebrate today, news has come in that Krishna N Shenoy has made it to the All India finals too. Congratulations! The coveted “Best All Round Pupil” prize was won by Sahanashree H Gunaga of our ICSE batch of 2013.

Once again the choir treated us to very meaningful, uplifting songs very beautifully rendered. 

The programme came to an end with a very complete Vote of Thanks that established, that a programme of this kind could only be done by a very active involved team of dedicated teachers.                                                      
Lawrence High School, located at HSR layout, Bangalore, focuses on educating children with traditional values to adapt and excel in the world. To know more about Lawrence school, please visit the website and join us at our Facebook page     

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