Thursday, 4 July 2013

Simple and quick lunch box ideas - Lawrence High School

With the schools begun now in full swing, the constant question that plagues most mothers is, “what to pack for lunch?” And, if the kids are picky eaters then the trouble is even worse. Here are some simple, yet interesting snack box ideas that you can use:

Quesadilla: A simple and Indian style of preparing tasty quesadillas would be to use left-over rotis and fill it up with a mixture of sabzi made of onion, capsicum, some spices and lots of cheese (you can add more veggies of your child’s choice). Fold the rotis after filling in the mixture and lightly roast it over a tawa till the cheese melts and the rotis become a little warm and crisp.
Frankie: Again, this is an interesting way to camouflage vegetables in rich and creamy sauce of your child’s choice-a mayo, white or simple tomato ketch-up and roll it up in wheat rotis.

French toast with a twist: The goodness of egg and bread can come together by dipping the bread into the whipped mixture of egg yolk, milk, vanilla essence and little sugar, and toasting them over a grilled tawa. You can layer the bread with your child’s favourite jam to give a yummy twist.
Wheat pan-cake layered with honey: Whip up a healthy pan cake mix made of wheat, egg and milk (you can skip the eggs if you prefer) and make thick pan cakes. Layer them with honey and pack a wholesome box for your kid.

Pesarettu: A south-indian snack that is extremely easy to make and tastes as yummy. Soak whole green moong overnight. Blend it in a mixer the next morning with some grated ginger, onion, fresh coriander and/or mint leaves and salt. Spread it over on a tawa like a dosa, keeping it thicker than a dosa.
Hope these ideas were helpful to ease the lunch box worries.

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