Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Why you should read? - Lawrence High School

Does the thought of reading seem boring to you? Are you someone who’d rather play Angry Birds or watch T.V. rather than opening a book in your free time? Then, read along to know why you should read and why reading can actually be a fun activity.

Books teach you things that a degree won’t: It’s true. A degree might help you get a job but it will never elevate you on the path of knowledge. Books expand your thinking and help you form opinions about anything under the sun.
Reading does not have to be all serious: The above statement does not mean that you have to sit down next with a fat book on world history or deep-rooted psychology. While, these may be great reads if you have the inclination for them, start with reading whatever interests or fascinates you. It could even be comic strips. The moot point is to build up the interest.
Books help creativity and imagination: Reading can transport you to a different place with its vivid descriptions and illustrations. It may not be possible to travel the world, but a book can help you discover the world right here, in the confines of your cozy home.
Reading can bring in those extra marks: If you are the kind to weigh reading with marks procured in exams, still it is a good bet to read outside your text books. Extra reading will help to build your vocabulary and general knowledge that can be showcased in your language papers to give you that extra edge.
Debates, elocution and essays will no longer be scary: A well-read person, or even a person who is not averse to reading books will never shy away from facing the public speaking. Reading would have opened up so many closed doors to information that you automatically develop the acumen to talk on any given topic.
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