Thursday, 19 February 2015

Teach your kids how to spend their time wisely

There’s not enough time

“Tracy you’re late again! Can you be anywhere on time? Gosh it’s like tardiness runs in your family. Everyone knows the Williams are always late.” Rubiana frowned at Tracy, turned around and walked inside the house. They were supposed to meet an hour earlier. Tracy followed her inside and closed the door behind her. She sat on the couch and let out a sigh. “I know I’m always late, I don’t know what to say. You’re right it does run in the family. I’m telling you Tracy I was ready to leave and then Arnav called and had a tempting offer. So I went and spent some time with him. I’m so sorry. How do you do it? You’re brilliant. You do well in school and you’re amazingly talented. You cook; bake, paint and you’re never late. I want to be more like you.” “You can. Just stop wasting time. I don’t waste time. I do all my work early, so I’m free to chill later.”   
It was always the same with Tracy or any of her family, they were always late and people knew it. Her friends have waited for hours because she couldn’t say no to someone else who’d call her, instead she tries to squeeze everything and everyone in. She’s lost a few relationships because of this. She’s late to class and practically everywhere else. Time management is something Tracy couldn’t get a handle on. If she had to be somewhere post 10 AM then she’d wake up by seven or eight to leave enough buffer time but she’ll still inevitably be late.

How to help your teen manage their time

Many times she’s wondered how in the world she manages to be late everywhere! That’s a skill she thought to herself sarcastically. The next thing Tracy did was go online and find tips she could inculcate into her life to manage her time wisely and not waste it. She read this blog by Vanessa Van Petten a fellow teen with tips on how teens can actually change and be more responsible. Be on time and spend it wisely. If you want to read the blog; here it is

Lawrence School

We at Lawrence know that there are many teens and preteens who don’t know how to manage their time productively. Our staff is well trained and know exactly how to tackle this issue. Your child will get an all round holistic education at our school and will learn to manage his/her time efficiently

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