Tuesday, 10 February 2015

How to help your teenager with a broken heart

The two most important people in your child’s life... you and your partner

What parents might not know is that their kids really yearn to talk to you and want to have an open dialogue. Your kids deep down know that you are the only two people who will be there for them through thick and thin. The times your kids might want to talk are believe it or not, when their in love or have just gotten their heart broken. They see you and your partner as examples of a relationship that withstood the test of time and would want to know where they went wrong.

Mom and dad, I need you

There are obvious tell tale signs that your child is in love; she/he might talk about one particular person a lot, they will be on the phone a lot and will constantly be in a good mood smiling all the time. But just like these tell all signs, there are signs that your child has gotten their heart broken. Loss of appetite, mood swings from happy to sad, choice of music changes (that’s a sure sign when their playlist changes to songs revolving around an ex). Keep a track of their Facebook you’ll know by what they post. They will spend extra time sleeping, in their room and may want to be left alone.
You might think leaving them alone is a good thing but actually your child just wants to be loved and hugged and shown that someone cares for them. They are vulnerable and crave some tender loving care. If you see these signs in your child and don’t know how to approach this topic, here are some tips from other parents that may shed some light and help you move forward with your relationship with your child http://bit.ly/1znGUBK

Lawrence School
Our staff is prepared and can deal with this situation as well. If you don’t know how to start this conversation our staff counsellors are always available to help you cross this bridge with your child. To know more about us http://lawrenceschool.in/

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