Monday, 2 February 2015

Positive effects of music on growing children

Ranjith’s first and instrument
David got a kiddie guitar when he was around five or six but his brother Ranjith was more interested in this instrument. He would carry it all over the place, like a security blanket. He would randomly strum it all the time, that’s when his parents realized that their child had an ear for music. As the years went by they saw Ranjith start to play songs accurately just by listening to the song over and over again, with no formal training.
In his late teens he formed a band with David being the lead singer and their friends were equally talented on the drums and rhythm guitar. Their band called ‘The Sticks’ became very popular among college students and they won many competitions... now 15 years on Ranjith owns his own music school with a Montessori department for babies to come and get acquainted with music.

Positive influence of music
It is a known fact that music has a strong influence on children, whether they are in their teens or younger. Music has a strong effect on adults as well, so you can imagine the influence on kids.
Here’s an article about the positive effects music have on children

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