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Tips to write an exam- attempting the question paper-Lawrence High School

This is the fifth and concluding part of our education blog series on tips to plan and study better. Do read the first, second and third and fourth parts.

In this post, we shall share some tips about how to attempt a question paper. While, it may seem matter of fact, most mistakes in an exam happen due to a combination of improper time management and anxiousness to complete the paper.

Firstly, never come to an exam hungry and sleep deprived: A hungry and sleepy mind cannot think right. Whatever is your level of anxiety, ensure that you’ve had at least 8 hrs of sleep and have had a light and healthy meal before you arrive at the exam venue. 

Do not be in a hurry to start immediately:  Set aside 10 minutes of your time before beginning to write a paper. Take your time to read through the entire question paper and then decide which ones to answer first. Collect your thoughts well before proceeding to write.

It is not mandatory to attempt the paper in a chronological order: attempt the ones you are most confidant of and leave the more difficult ones to be tackled later. However, keep a mental note of how much time you are spending on each question, so that you are not short of time in the end.

Pay attention to the marks allotted to the questions: Just because, you know a lot about a topic, do not keep writing pages for a single question. Write only as much is warranted for the marks allotted for the question. That way, you’d have worked your way smartly and adequately. 

Write legibly and avoid cancellations: As far as possible, maintain a clean and legible handwriting and avoid over-writing and cancellations. Keep your mind cool and do not panic even if you commit any mistake. If you have to erase/cancel out anything, do it with a single stroke and re-write.

Always allot enough time for cross-checking at the end: Avoid solving the paper until the very last moment. As soon as the first bell rings, tie up all your sheets in the correct order, check your paper for silly mistakes, spelling errors, and double check calculations, as applicable. Only if time permits should you attempt to solve any remaining question. 

We hope you’ve benefited from this series of educational posts.

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