Thursday, 12 September 2013

Why do we need Scouts and Guides?-Lawrence High School

The youth of today are no doubt very smart with high levels of intelligent quotient and an innate desire to aim and achieve high. However, it is up to the educational system to mould their psyche and their bodies in a way that they think beyond themselves and use their talent and education to contribute towards the society and country in a positive manner.

We do read a lot about young students going to extreme steps as to take their own lives or even lives of others over seemingly trivial issues. Why do some individuals go astray in their thoughts and action when the exposure to education, resources and help is apparently uniformly available? The core issue lies in the thinking and unaddressed fears and insecurities in such individuals that lead them to take steps that are detrimental to themselves as well as the society. 

Here’s where the Scouts and Guide movement comes in as a great aid. The programme and regime is designed in a way that helps the young members to be emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually strong. An inclusion this movement in the school curriculum will go a long way in raising a responsible and mature future generation.

The programme offers the Scouts and Guides opportunities to develop diverse skill-set; it teaches them to be an effective communicator, administrator, taps their creative-side, imparts self-defense training, vital skills of learning how to be a team leader as well as a team member and even to be a good cook. It not only helps them develop a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others, but also inspires them to offer their service towards the community.  

Lawrence School has a well-etched out Scout and Guide programme for its students. The students are well-trained in the activities and are truly an example of the motto which is to be always prepared.
Visit our school website to learn more about us and be a member of our Facebook page to get regular updates about our events and activities.

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