Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Peer pressure

Should I or shouldn’t I
Every one of us has our own cliques, people we go out and spend our time with. Peer groups in school can direct the way your child behaves in school and outside. Peer pressure is a very real thing that plagues your children, no matter what age group they belong to. When your child’s  alone they might not do certain things but when there’s a crowd it’s a whole different story.

Padma’s story
Padma was a young girl who behaved well and listened to everything her parents or teachers told her. When she got to high school though things started to change. The famous saying ‘rules are meant to be broken’ became her motto. What was the root cause? The peer group she chose to spend her time with the school’s naughty ones. They skipped classes and went out and did things they shouldn’t be. Even though she hung out with them, she didn’t do many things that they did. She wouldn’t miss classes but outside class hours she would spend all her time with them and do things her folks wouldn't be too proud about . This over a period earned her a reputation that wasn’t very pleasing. Many people thought that just because she was with them, she acted and did the same things.

The reality of peer pressure
Peer groups can alter many things and change the course of your life. Padma had planned many things but ended up doing it differently only because she was pressured into it. Peer pressure is a very real thing. Here’s an interesting article about how you can help your child deal with this pressing issue faced by all our children today http://bit.ly/1JNFZ8o

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