Thursday, 16 April 2015

Here’s Why Your Children Should Read Harry Potter as They Grow Up

With over 450 million copies sold, Harry Potter is one of the bestselling book series of all time. Apart from this, why should your children read harry potter? The answer is simple. These stories expose an adoration of virtue, a conventional outlook of evil, a brave view of self-sacrificial death, and a representation of the splendour and power of love. Courage, faithfulness, self-sacrifice, empathy; these are all depicted as central traits to be sought after by each character. The characters are flawed, they do make mistakes, but we always see them rise greater, learning from their mistakes and suffering for their errors. Rowling emphasizes on the importance of good over evil, and the weakness of evil in the face of goodness. Therefore, inculcating a belief that evil cannot even comprehend the great strength of love, and is eventually is destructed by it.
 Rowling’s works understand that love is the strongest magic of all and evil disintegrates  before it. We see that self-sacrifice out of love is what resonates within the story. And it is this sacrificial love that ultimately beats death and evil. In the story, although death is a complicated and tricky reality, it is not represented as something to fear. There are worse things than death, such as the destruction of one’s soul through surrender to evil; this is a strong theme in last two books. However, Rowling portrays giving up your life to save those you love as an invincible magic of immeasurable power. In the end, evil is dominated by an act of final sacrifice. Love and death are intricately associated, but love is stronger than death and Rowling uses her series to reveal this.

A research group, at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy, conducted a study on the influence of Harry Potter on young readers. The research studied the effect of Harry Potter on children in terms of negating prejudices towards immigrants and it found that children who read harry potter became more open towards immigrants.  The series on the whole is one that is highly beneficial to the growth of children and therefore, is a must-read for young children across the globe as it brings nothing but positivity to one’s nature.

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