Tuesday, 3 March 2015

How to make your mom feel special

Mom you’re very special

“Mom will you stop calling? It’s only 8:30 I’ll be home before 10:30 I promise.” Every evening 8:30 on the dot either Jane’s mom or dad will call and remind her about her curfew that she keeps pushing. It was a routine; soon after school Jane would go over to her friend’s house and hang out there for a while. Every evening Jane would push her curfew and be out doing everything a rebellious teen girl would do. Her mom Pam was a teenage girl once and knew exactly what she did at that age. So obviously she worried a lot about her Jane.
There was always an argument that broke out at home whenever Jane came in past her curfew. This wasn’t a nice thing to come home to and Jane wanted it to change. She also wondered how she could show her mom how much she means to her. Every time she tried to tell her mom, she would just say “actions speak louder than words, Jane.” After much thinking and talking to her friends, Jane decided to change her routine and be home early instead. She started spending more time with her mom, helping her out with household chores and what not. Her mom wondered about the change but she didn’t question it, instead she invited it.

Show your mom you love, cherish and respect her

Those were but a few ways that Jane showed her mom that she loves and cares for her. Here are more ways that you could use to treat your mom and get her to feel special and loved http://bit.ly/17N42DG

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