Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Higher education or experience

Work or higher studies

Academics were something that Miriam just couldn't grasp; maths and second language were her worst subjects. Passing these two papers would take a miracle! She’s never passed maths or second language from the start.
As the years went by though, Miriam through a lot of hard work and perseverance managed to get a high first class in her 10th board exams. Then just like the rest of the lot, she started college and took the ARTS field. No maths no language. Her three years in college were the best! Making new friends, getting to know the teachers and also found lifelong friend there. Both, after college decided to start work, they decided that they would take a break from the books. Both got jobs as writers and they realized that learning from the school of life gives you a whole different level of knowledge and experience.

Pros and cons of studying more or working

Many people say that getting a higher education like at least a Masters is essential. But is it really? You’d be learning from a book and hearing about other peoples’ experience in the ‘real world.’ When you work though, you get first-hand experience of everything your text book tells you.
So it stands to reason, should you or your child pursue a higher education or start work and learn from the book of life? This article will make your decision a lot easier http://bit.ly/1CLrJJr

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