Monday, 12 January 2015

Home school VS Public School

Home schooling

Preethi and Ming talked a lot about whether they wanted to put their kid in a public school or home school her. After much consideration and deliberation they finally decided that they would home school their daughter. There are sites that guide you through this process and teach the parent how to educate their child. Places where a whole curriculum which will be affiliated to an education organisation are also available on the World Wide Web.
When asked why they decided to home school their child, Pretthi replied “the main factor was that we chose to shelter our child as long as we can, because there are many things besides education that a child picks up from school. And that’s a known fact.”

Home schooling or Public school

They took their child Rachel to a school one day and had her attend a whole day of class and what they got back was news to them. Rachel (eight years old) liked being part of a class and loved that there were other kids her age that she could interact with and learn from.
There is much debate about this topic. People say that the child learns so much more and needs a healthy interaction with kids their age and also with adults; teachers, staff and others. They learn many life lessons outside the classroom but of course it’s not all roses and sunshine. The child might have a stunted social growth when home schooled and may not learn essentials like team building, games and other extracurricular activities that one learns from school.
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