Monday, 19 January 2015

Benefits of co-ed education

Choice of school
Being surrounded by girls was nothing new to Kathy, she had two sisters. One elder and younger, the only male figure in the house was their dad. Kathy and her sister finished their schooling in an all girls’ school. But when Kathy’s younger sister, Jane was in seventh standard their dad got transferred to another city and the nearest school was a co-ed one.
After Kathy, her older sister Margo and their parents talked about it, they decided to let Jane decide. After all she was entering high school and she was old enough to make a decision. Jane took this choice seriously and thought and talked about it with her friends. It didn’t take long, for two days later Jane had decided that she wanted to go to a co-ed school... it was a different world this co-ed school. The girls didn’t have their claws out as much and the boys’ presence made it all so much better. Jane fit right in and made lots of friends. Her high school years after that were a kaleidoscope of fun, laughter, frustration and tears... when her family asked her about her experiences in this new school while compared to her old one, Jane sat back and thought for a minute, framing her reply just right. At the end she said “it was nice in an all girls’ school. Women understand each other. But the co-ed school was so much more what I thought it would be. I found that I took more interest in my studies and also tried out for the different sports they offered.”

Jane’s decision
Jane’s family talked about it together and left the choice up to her. If you are wondering about the same thing, there is help out there. The online sphere has 100s of sites that will throw light on this topic. Click here to read more on this subject

Lawrence School
If you choose to send your child to a co-ed school, then we at Lawrence would be a good fit for you and your child. Our teachers and staff are well qualified and trained to handle anything that might crop up. To know more about us click here     

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