Saturday, 10 May 2014

Enjoy tech-free moments

Life without gadgets seems impossible today with even preschoolers these days being hands-on with the latest gadgets. Online gaming, shopping, socializing, working, almost everything happens through the internet. Given the significance, can you imagine a day without these vital appendages?

Isn't this a sad state of affairs that man is a slave of the very technology he invented? An online game, a chat with a virtual friend, checking mails, or browsing through the net is preferred to sipping tea at leisure or even chatting with the spouse. Even a holiday is experienced less and captured more on the camera for Facebook status and comments.

Perhaps its time to pause; to smell the roses; to hear the birds. A few moments in the day free from technology is all it takes to get rooted into life. Switch off that laptop once you are back from work. keep the phone on the silent mode and listen to what your child has to say to you.


Kids learn from what they see and not from what is told to them. So, if you want your child to go out and mingle with other kids, stop watching more television or socialize more in the real life rather than on Facebook, then perhaps you, as a parent, need to introspect on the life that is being set as an example for your kids.

So, today, take out a book and read rather than watching the news; urge your child to sit and have dinner at the table rather than in front of the computer; stop the urge to take out that phone to update the status when on a holiday; talk, converse, discuss, play, smile and laugh, and perhaps life will start to look more meaningful.

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