Saturday, 31 May 2014

Bullying at school-Lawrence School

Does your child complain at the mention of school? Does your usually energetic preschooler seem a little reticent? Has your little one’s tantrums gone up off late? Does your pre-teenage child want to sleep in more than usual? Watch out, for these may be warning signs of bullying.
Bullying at school is a very common occurrence and the victims could be anyone-a preschooler or even a pre-teen child. So also, the bully can be anyone. The bully might not necessarily be someone who seems aggressive or a badly behaved child. The abuser is most likely dealing with some tough situation at hand and like the victim, needs to be handled with deft and care.

Parents and teachers need to watch out for the red flags and handle the child with tact and gentleness. More often than not the bully could be dealing with emotional changes like a new sibling, an authoritarian parent, dealing with demise of a close relative, being witness of regular fights between parents or sometimes as drastic as undergoing physical and mental abuse by someone close.

Parents of the bully need to be informed of their child’s behavior and also counseled if needed. Punitive measures rarely work in these cases.

Victims also need to be handled with care as their very self-esteem could be at stake. It is important to let them know that they are not alone and bullying is a serious offence. They would need a lot of reassurance and explicit mention of how good they are and why they must ignore the bully. The concerned teacher must be taken into confidence to ensure her participation in the process.

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