Friday, 7 February 2014

Why should we vote?-Lawrence School

With the next general elections just round the corner and new and newer political fronts emerging, it is truly a debatable question as to who is worthy to be elected as our next government. 

The past few years have taken the economy, law and order and other aspects of governance to lower depths. Even new faces on the political front seem like old ones in disguise.Hence, it is natural to get cynical and announce that since all parties and political leaders seem alike it is worthless to give any one the vote.

Elections and thereby voting a party to power is the biggest power a citizen can acquire in a democratic country and as responsible adults and citizens, it is every one's duty to go out and vote on the day of elections. Knowing our rights is as important as abiding by our duties. By not choosing to vote, we lose a precious opportunity to have our say and way in how things get governed.


Unity has tremendous power and we as citizens need to unite to overthrow unjust policies, corrupt ways of functioning. We've had, of late, numerous cases of certain citizen groups that  have tasted small victories like getting a road laid, removal of illegal garbage strewn in their street, etc through their consistent and constant efforts.

So, if you are 18 years of age, a citizen of this country and have not yet registered for a Voter's card, this is your chance. Be the change you want to see.

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