Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Benefits of an inclusive learning environment-Lawrence School

Inclusive learning environment can be termed as a place where children of various needs and abilities are trained under one roof; a place where every child feels equally loved and motivated enough to perform to the best of his or her abilities without any guilt, discomfort or pressure.

A mixed environment could be a place where students of different social, cultural and economic backgrounds converge to learn under the same set of teachers. This could also be extended to include children who are also differently abled, either physically or mentally, as long as their impairment does not require constant medical attention and does not interfere too much with their every-day needs.


A well-trained and empathetic trainer or teacher is highly important in such a set up since he or she would be instrumental in bringing about the fine balance where each child irrespective of his/her background or ability gets to explore, learn and grow equally.

It is also a fine opportunity for main-stream children to develop a sense of empathy and tolerance and eventually appreciation for kids from a different set-up. The differently-abled group gets a chance to become comfortable in interacting in social set-up without feeling ‘odd’ or left-out. It gives them a chance to lift their self-esteem and be at par with their ‘normal’ peers. 


It is a pre-cursor to an ideal world where the have-nots are not ridiculed or looked down upon by the haves in the society; where everyone is treated with dignity and respect; where one is able to put self in others’ shoes and feel for the other.

Can we dream of such an environment in our main-stream schools?

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