Friday, 3 January 2014

Why should children play?-Lawrence School

Children and play are spoken in the same breath since play is as natural to them as breathing. Unstructured play is as important as any structured activity in a child's life. Unstructured play is any activity that the child performs without adult guidance. Children learn a lot from activities that seem futile or wasteful in an adult's eyes. 

Have you observed how a child never tires of the same game. The game gives him an opportunity to unleash his imagination. When the kid struggles with a set of puzzles and gets it right after several attempts. It teaches him the lesson of perseverance. It is their first tryst with problem solving techniques. 


Give a toddler a pair of scissors and see the magic unfold. Let his imagination and creativity take over and allow him to gain confidence in his skills. Let him play and explore with colours and allow him the freedom to experiment. 

The power of unstructured activity cannot be measured quantitatively. A group of kids playing together might mean nothing to an adult but the kids are learning to play as a team, take lead when an opportunity arises, learn communication skills, understand the power of negotiation, etc. 

Unfortunately, play-time has become a scare commodity in the tech-age life of children. Busy parents hastily thrust gadgets into the child's hands and inadvertently diminish the spark out of the kid's natural being. Schools that stress more on academics than sports and games fail to nurture the child in a holistic way.

We need to take that extra step and effort to let our kids be. It is easy to engage them in classes of various kinds in a bid to productively use their time. However it is necessary to allow for the so-called unproductive activity for that's how they will learn skills that no curriculum or class can teach.

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