Friday, 17 January 2014

Does group study work?-Lawrence School

With the board exams looming large, class X and XII students are busy revising the lessons studied throughout the year. This brings us to the much debated question: ’should students be allowed to study along with their peers?’

At the outset, it might seem like a no-brainer that when children from the same age bracket come together it can only lead to whiling of time, discussions that are not related to studies and playing on gadgets; in a nut shell, a complete no-no from the adult clan.


However, if you analyze such an arrangement objectively, you would be convinced of its benefits and effectiveness.  While there is a possibility of children losing focus and seriousness, thereby slowing down even the sincere and hard-working lot in the group, it can serve as a huge motivation factor and also a check-point for students to perform better.

A healthy competition can be generated within the group to ensure that everyone is using his/her time effectively to attain a specific goal. Exchange of ideas and better grasping of concepts can be possible when students share their knowledge within the group. 

Time can also effectively used when chapters get divided between the members of the group and later an amalgamation of ideas and concepts takes place. It can be a win-win situation provided some amount of self-discipline is maintained.

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