Saturday, 7 December 2013

Why are extra-curricular activities an important part of the school syllabus?

Success of an individual depends more on how rounded his/her personality is, how balanced the thinking is and how well he/she is able to handle adverse situations in life. The measure of success is definitely not related or confined to the marks scored in any particular exam. Emotional quotient or EQ, is being given its due share of importance now rather than only harping on IQ-the traditional form of gauging a person's caliber.

As most modern schools recognize this aspect and strive to equip the students to face the real world, a host of other activities apart from academics have sprung up as a part of the school syllabus. Most international schools are designed to suit the interests of the NRI clan and thereby follow a similar method of training as in the western parts of the world.

Skills like swimming, karate, cooking, gardening, are being integrated in to the main stream. A variety of games are being taught under the sports category. Students are encouraged to take up any kind of fine arts that suit their interests and aptitude. So, now, a child can explore his/her interests in areas like keyboard playing or singing in a choir. 

A glimpse of Exotica 2013 @ Lawrence High School

We can see a paradigm shift in how the annual celebrations take place at schools. A decade ago, only the cream of the students would be cherry picked and polished for performances on stage. The introverts almost always got left out. However, now we see that all students are given equal opportunity to show their presence in front of a large audience. They are encouraged and trained to shed their inhibitions and come out of their comfort zones.

An environment that is energizing in all ways, that enables to sharpen the mind in many spheres, and gives the students a huge platter to choose from is definitely a right and progressive way to create future leaders and a generation of responsible and sensitive human beings.

Lawrence High School takes pride in doing all of the above and making a mark in the world of school education.

Lawrence High School, located at HSR layout, Bangalore, focuses on educating children with traditional values to adapt and excel in the world. To know more about Lawrence school, please visit the website and join us at our Facebook page 

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