Friday, 20 December 2013

It’s the time for secret Santa-Lawrence School

With Christmas just round the corner it’s time for Santa Claus to make the rounds and grant the best behaved kid in the block his/her secret wish (es). Wasn’t it fun to believe in Santa Claus, don our best behavior, hang out our stockings with our wish list, and wait for the hearty old man to come and fulfill our wishes? It is innocent beliefs and faith as these that one would wish that one never grew up.

But who said the fun cannot be brought back and the memories not re-created! There is in fact much more satisfaction and happiness hidden in bringing a smile to others faces than just receiving gifts. Festivals are about bonding as a large community than anything else. It is indeed to kindle a selfless approach towards life that games like secret Santa have been played for generations now. 

Secret Santa is generally played in large groups (of close members or even members who don’t know each other too well) where each person writes their name and what they’d like or not like as a gift on a piece of paper. The paper chits are then folded in an identical manner and passed around. Every member picks up one name and gets a chance to play Santa to the person whose name is drawn.

The identity of the Santa is kept a secret and it is a fun exercise to throw in teasers and allow the recipient to guess his/her Santa. Isn’t this a lovely game? So, what are you waiting for? Grab your thinking hats and organize a secret Santa party at your family get together, office or even your local community. 

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