Thursday, 14 November 2013

Make your kid's room interesting-Lawrence School

Are you planning a makeover for your child's room? Or are you trying to get your child to sleep in his/her room alone but find your efforts going in vain? Maybe it is time for you to take a hard look at the current decor of your child's room and see how you can make the room inviting, interesting and appealing to your child.

Clear the clutter and make room for more storage: More often than not, we tend to use our child's room to store up stuff that does not fit into the other rooms and results into a cramped up room for your child who does not have enough space to store his/her personal belongings. As your child grows older, it is advised to respect his/her space and design the room to accommodate all that they need or will need in future.

Bring in colours: If the walls are looking bare or dull, it is a good idea to paint these in cheerful colours. Kids love colours and will be happy to spend their time in a colour-filled space. If you are staying in a rented house, you can use wall decals that are easy to use and peel and come in a variety of shapes, forms and colours.


Do not add a lot of furniture: Since space is scarce in most apartments, enough care must be taken to ensure that the room does not become overpowering with all the wardrobes, beds and tables. Take care to allot enough floor space to allow easy flow of traffic and negate the possibility of the kid bumping into the furniture. Also, the shelves or racks that will be used by the child needs to be at a suitable height to allow independent handling.

Use photographs: It is a lovely idea to incorporate stuff that has memories associated with them. Old photographs of your child during younger days or photographs of your child with family members or close friends really perks up the room, makes it personal and gives a chance to associate self with the space.

With these tips, we are sure your child will be happy to spend his/her time in the room and even help the transition process.

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