Friday, 22 November 2013

Ensure your safety at all times-Lawrence School

We have been witnessing a spate of unfortunate events in the recent years that puts a huge question mark on the law and order situation in the state and country. The recent attack on a woman at the ATM  only adds to the list and it makes us wonder if safety of citizens, especially that of women and children, figures at all on the charts for our leaders. 

We believe that it will take a lot of hardwork and discipline to get the country on well-oiled tracks. We also believe it takes a while to change the system and since we are a part of the whole system, it is our duty too to ensure our own safety. Here are a few tips that we could think of that might help you avoid getting into an unsafe environment or detect anything amiss:


Avoid venturing into lonely areas: Desolate areas are generally crime havens. It is best to avoid these stretches when alone. 

Carry a pepper spray or umbrella: Always carry a pepper spray or an umbrella or even a deodorant with you. In case of an attack of any kind, use them to defend yourself. The assailant will be caught unawares for a few moments and you can plan your escape in the meantime.

Be aware of your surroundings: Be vigilant when outdoors. Keep an eye for anything that seems out of the usual. It could be a new vehicle parked outside your complex gate or some suspicious looking people lurking around, etc. Report anything unusual to your apartment security or bring it to the notice of a responsible person or authority.

Carry a mobile and important numbers with you always: Memorize important numbers and do not depend on the mobile for them. Dial your friend/spouse/parent’s number while travelling in an unknown vehicle and keep talking if you find the driver suspicious. Also keep your family informed about your whereabouts all the time.

Learn art of self-defense: No matter what your age is, it is always better to be equipped with some basic knowledge of self-defense tactics. 

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