Friday, 1 March 2013

Responsible parenting equals responsible next generation - Lawrence High School

Parenting has never been so challenging before today. This is probably what a parent from every generation felt when they compared the teaching patterns, methods and environment with the earlier generation. However, it is true that while this generation is synonymous with more creature comforts and luxuries made available at the drop of a hat, it is more often accompanied by more work, more stress and more scarcity of family time.  Where our parents and grandparents took the time to teach us the values of life, we take to the short-cut method and try to replace quantity time with more outings, gifts, parties and silly pampering.

Whatever is your social and financial scenario, it cannot take away from the fact that children emulate their parents and learn from what is being offered to them. So, instead of succumbing to outside pressures, it is worthwhile to take a pause and look at how we as parents behave when our children are around and what is it that we would like them to imbibe through our stand in certain situations.

A simple example is that of the birthday parties that are making the round these days. Where once children’s parties could be easily translated to a homely affair with a tight guest list of close friends, small snacks, fun and frolic, the same has been replaced with lavish d├ęcor, huge guest lists, dinner parties, magic shows, tattoo making and the likes with very fancy return gifts.  The bottom line being, have money, flaunt it! Can you then blame the young impressionable minds who care less about money and throw tantrums for every little wish?

Another common example is that of how parents behave in a social situation, for example in a queue or taking care of the garbage. We as adults do not think twice before jumping a queue or honking without restraint in a traffic snarl. We sit in swanky cars, wolf down a packet of chips and mindlessly throw it out on the roads. What lessons do you think the children get from these acts? It’s a no-brainer, right?

Consciously or unconsciously, we are responsible for how the future generation turns out to be. So, if we wish to see a country of sensible, sensitive, compassionate and responsible citizens, it is time to clean up our acts and be the same. 

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