Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Get a perspective this summer - Lawrence High School

Summer is here and soon the exams will be all over to expose the unlimited time on hands. After spending the last few stressful months studying, it is only natural and justified to take a break to chill out and do nothing. However, even doing nothing can be refreshing only for some time. So, how best can you make use of the vacation?

Students of grade VII to X have a golden opportunity to use this time to make the groundwork for their career stronger. Many of you might be still deciding what would be the best career path. Vacation time can be best put to use knowing yourself, your interests and aptitude. Summer jobs may not be very popular among the higher secondary school students but the idea behind a summer job can be well- applied.

Diversifying your areas of interest: do numbers interest you? You can consider learning about how the share markets function.  Getting hands on knowledge will help you cement the fundamental concepts and get familiarized with jargons like share value, premium, net value, redemption, IPO, etc. What’s more, with little help from elders and newspaper reading, you can even make quick bucks.

Taking on different kinds of work: You can consider helping your aunt with her small-scale business. You may probably not be interested in sales or marketing and this may not directly help you in finalizing a career but you can get a feel of whether you are a people’s person. Dealing with customers on a one-to-one basis will train you on important soft skills like communication and confidence to deal with clients.

Expanding your knowledge area: Reading upon different subjects will give you an insight about the various fields and even areas that are directly and indirectly associated with your area of interest. This will definitely open up the erstwhile unknown career opportunities and will help you draw up career plans B and C.

Taking up internship or volunteering work: If you have strong areas of interest, you may consider working as a trainee, even if it means working for free or a small pay, with professionals in the field. This will indeed help you understand the dynamics of a full time job and the nitty-gritty associated. Taking up volunteering work in NGOs can prove handy if you have entrepreneurial inclination.

So, pull up your socks and get ready to get a new perspective this summer. 

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